Trickledown Academics

Liberal elitism is alive and real. Though hate speech of those on the “alt-right”, like the vile ravings of Milo Yiannopoulos, is offensive, it often contains a skeleton of truth which they then build straw men around. One of these frequent points is the silliness which infects academic arguments in the humanities in Liberal Arts colleges across the country.

There is currently a debate in some circles of academic publications about the patriarchy effecting academic citations. That is, there are scholarly articles written about the imbalance of citations of work of female academics compared to male academics. Some academics claim that this is the frontline of intersectional feminism. It seems that they may be missing much of the destructiveness of actual patriarchical oppression. Around the western world women are subtly oppressed in many ways while in other parts of the globe women faced tremendous violence.

In truth, the absurdity of the Academics in this situation is that they think they are helping feminism. Arguments like these, while they may expose a truth, do little to help dispel the idea of social justice run amok. Focusing on such inconsequential and arcane arguments hurts the public position of feminism in its attempt to right the wrongs of society.

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