The Plague of Custom

“Wherefore should I stand in the plague of custom…?” Edmund speaks in a soliloquy in the second scene of the first act of King Lear lamenting his condition as a bastard. In what is often cited as Shakespeare’s greatest play, one of his most intriguing villains often speaks the truth while the nobler characters are deluded.

More than anything else I want this blog to look past our knee-jerk reactions and assumptions on contemporary issues involving politics, foreign policy, technology, and social issues. Powerful forces within our own minds push us back from exploring the true nature of the sea of knowledge which lies before us and we come to rest again and again on the shore of our conventional wisdom.

My hope is that maybe through a little effort we can escape the banks of familiar thought which deludes us and apprehend the true nature of the hidden structures of our lives and our world.

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